Mobile food stalls are the new thing in city

 andhrapradesh | Written by : Suryaa Desk Updated: Tue, Mar 14, 2017, 08:56 AM

Hectic schedule of individuals and increased nuclear families have given birth to mobile food stalls that have flourished in Vijayawada. The affordable prices of food items available at these stalls made them people-friendly. At every important center, the presence of mobile food stalls reveals a success story of innovation. “Order idli, dosa, vada, whatever you like. We are here to serve hot,” says Mahesh, proud owner of such a stall.   

The success story of mobile food stalls indicates how most unemployed youth explore opportunities in the hospitality sector. They made inroads into localities where there is dire need for hotels and breakfast outlets. They also provide a wide range of food items that are hardly available in other food stalls and tiffin centres.

While traditional eateries serve a limited menu such as idli, chapati, dosa, upma, the new mobile courts offer new items like egg dosa, carrot dosa, masala, upma, palak and onion dosa, besides the special order of the customer. “A customer who comes to us never will return unsatisfied with the food,” says Santosh, who organises similar mobile food stall that usually moves to places in One Town.

“When I first visited this stall, I doubted two aspects—the pricing and quality. But to my surprise, the mobile food court is supplying fresh food with hygiene. Even the price is low compared to the regular hotels and canteens. Moreover, the mobile stalls have been serving food hot. It is economical to have food at these stalls,” says Rama Rao, who visits stalls that halt at HB Colony regularly. “I take a parcel for my wife also who is a teacher and have little or no time to prepare these food items,” he adds.

The mobile food stalls can be seen everywhere in the city these days. Their frequent spots are the stadium, Satyanarayanapuram, Gandhinagar, Sambamurthy road, HB Colony, Chittinagar and other places. “We offer noodles and chinese food in the evening and by the time we return it will be nine in the evening,” said Raju another stall organiser. “We have plan to supply Pulka and other food for dinner as the demand for such things is growing,” he adds.

“I started the mobile stall with a rented vehicle. Now, I own one and I’m paying installments for the vehicle now. I engaged two workers and can accommodate two others as the demand is heavy. I just passed my Intermediate and no job has satisfied me more than this. At the end of the day, I have job satisfaction of earning on my own,” reveals Sai, who moves between stadium and Satyanarayanapuram.